Mountfield broke a series of defeats, Zvolen again tormented the ending

MARTIN – The match of the teams, which has not been successful yet in the new year, was found in the opening game in the better form of Martini hockey players. They started at a brisk pace, the pucks were more often on sticks and assisted with shooting.

The score opened in 6 minutes by a scallop shot from a blue line. Then the goalkeeper successfully hit the hosts after Klímu, Galamboša or Važan. The Master only slowed and his players were not able to see them for a long time. In 15 minutes, Cíger pushed to the mantinel and then managed to make Rožník to the second goal of the home. Afterwards, they also countered the guests. Stream of P. Zuzin at 16.minute, and Mancak a minute later, he was eliminated by Čech, but before the end of the first third he was powerless after a beautiful individual action of Chovana – 2: 1.

Martin was also the beginning of the second debution. 23 minutes after the combination of the second attack, Klima secured a two-goal lead for MHC. In the middle of the game, the guests only defended the forces of the home. You will not give – you get confirmed in 36 minutes when Zvolen used the power 5 against 3 and Podkonický lowered. The exact hit of the guests encouraged and by the end of the second third they played in their direction. But the goal did not go down, so Martin led 3: 2.

Martin’s hockey players in the third third missed a 5-minute power play.The home team eventually fell aside, and only the great Bohemian team held them over the water, bringing the scorers to despair. Martin Babka, coach Martin: “We tried to enter the game actively, and we managed to do it well. , we skipped very well and we shot two goals, then we forgot on the back door and we allowed the Zvolen to lower, in the third third continued the combat performance on both sides, in the third part came the forces and in the end we fought to the limit of our possibilities. “

Jaroslav Török, coach assistant Chosen: ” Martin performed very well in the first third.He had great movement, he got us under pressure. On the contrary, our game did not have any criteria and was the weakest since we were with Mr. Šupler with the team. After a strong cab convention, we made changes to the set that helped us. We thought it would make a turn. Instead, after the mistake, we collected the third time. In the third third we wanted to do something with the result, we had a strong predominance, a few laps, but we did not use them. “